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Art Restoration

Picture This is able to offer conservation and restoration services including:


  • Cleaning, repairing and relining of paintings on canvas pre 1980 to museum standard

  • Pigment analysis for repainting and retouching

  • Consolidation on flaking and severely cracking paintings including tempera

  • De-acidification of paper and cleaning and treatment of foxing

  • Mould treatments on canvas and paper 

  • Paper repairs and consolidation using conservation materials

  • Pastel cleaning 

  • Frame restoration including rebuilding complex swept frames using latex and finishing to match the original patina and age of the frame

  • Paper conservation of maps and engravings with original hand colouring in books, folios and loose examples


Our Fine Art Conservator has over 37 years’ experience working with materials and art from Classical paintings to Impressionist to Modern. She is a member of the Institute of Conservation, ICON, and adheres to all the guidelines for best practices. She has worked for many prestigious clients including the Duke of Wellington’s Estate, Stowe House School, and has appeared on the BBC’s Restoring Art. She is a regular contributor to and member of many forums on conservation and restoration, sharing her experience and thoughts with other experts.

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