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I am very happy to accept commissions, generally these would be animal portraits or perhaps a family home, and I am open to discuss all possibilities. 

The cost will depend on size and complexity and timing will depend on workload at the time. As a guide I would suggest allowing for a period of 1 to 2 months for the actual work to be done as each subject will offer its own challenges and it is best to allow time to tackle these properly. 

From a practical point of view, unless the subject is nearby and accessible, the success of the painting will rely heavily on the quality of reference photographs. The better the quality of photos in most instances, the better the end-result. I would suggest taking several good quality photographs from the perspective and with the “framing” and lighting that you would ultimately like to see hanging on your wall. 

Once I can review the photographs I can layout a mock-up of the arrangement for the painting and let you have this, together with the cost and lead-time. Please feel free to ask and I will be very happy to have a chat and I can give you more information specific to your idea, on a completely no-obligations basis.

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